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I've made some theories about things to come in future Lunar games and explanations for why some events happened. Have theories of your own? Send 'em in to
  • Why do Xenobia, Royce, and Phacia look like humans? I've thought of two possible answers to this. One could be that the Vile Tribe and humans had interbred. Another could be that they had cast spells on themselves to look like humans. Note that Xenobia has looked like Lemia and Royce has looked like Luna.
  • Notice that in Lunar 1, you meet the dragons in the following order: White, Red, Blue Black. Even though Ruby's presence changes this order in Lunar 2, the crests are listed in the same order. Do you suppose that a white dragon in Lunar 1 and a red dragon in Lunar 2 will be followed by a blue dragon in Lunar 3 and a black dragon in Lunar 4?
  • The Vile Triber who gives you Xenobia's bromide is supposed to find humans ugly, right? Sure Xenobia isn't human, but she sure looks like one. Now think forward to Phacia's letter in the library in Vane in Lunar 2. She says that the Vile Tribe has joined with the humans. Do you suppose that this Vile Triber was the very early start of the mixing of the two species? Maybe the interbreeding of the humans and beastmen started this way too.

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