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Welcome to Holes in the Plot, a special kind of page for this site! What points were the companies not thinking about? What were some of the funny mistakes?
silver star story
eternal blue

Silver Star Story
  • How could Alex draw so well when he was little? (Luna's bromide)
  • If Dross is a master criminal, why does he steal your Dragon Diamond by running into the sewers, which have only one exit?
  • Since Nash is so fast, shouldn't it be easier for him to run from enemies?
  • What is the guy at the girls' bath doing? Is he waiting for the only two girls in the world strong enough to make it through the forest to come bathe there? Or did the monsters come after he went there?

    Eternal Blue
  • Why is Meribia almost exactly the same as it was 1000 years ago?
  • Why has nobody restored Vane in 1000 years?
  • Why hasn't technology improved in 1000 years?
  • How did Phacia's letter in Vane's library not rot after 1000 years? Why is the book about all the famous Dragonmasters exactly the same as it used to be?
  • Why doesn't Lucia's voice get hoarse after talking so high?

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