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Where did the Lunar names come from? Some of the names were just made up, some were chosen without considering the meanings, but others were chosen because of their mythology. I included everything for which I found a relevant meaning, even if it is unlikely that the meaning was the reason for choosing the name.
Sources:,, Baby Names around the World

Alex: (Greek) Protector of mankind
Bronze Dogs: Pandareus stole one of these, and he may have been turned to stone for this.
Fresca: "Fresh" in Spanish and Italian, "cool" in Portuguese.
Gorgon: From Greek mythology. Gorgons are monstrous feminine creatures who are covered with scales, hair of living snakes, hands of brass, fangs, and a beard. Anyone who saw a gorgon would turn into stone.
Hiro: Polynesian hero from the 1200's who explored the western Pacific. He brought the art of writing to Easter Island. It could also just be a play on the word hero.
Jessica: (Hebrew) Wealthy.
Leo: The fifth sign of the Zodiac, representing the Lion. Leos are often brave, honorable, and honest.
Luna: Goddess of the moon. Later identified w/ Diana and Hecate. She had a temple on Aventine Hill in the 600's BCE.
Lunar: adj. Of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon.
Lunn: (Irish) Warlike.
Mauri: Polynesion cosmology: the soul or ghost; the principle of life.
Mel: A form of Melvin. (Irish) Armored chief.
Ruby: n. A deep red, translucent variety of the mineral corundum, highly valued as a precious stone.
Tempest: n. A violent windstorm.
Vane: n. A weathervane.
Xenobia: Usually spelled Zenobia. (Greek) Sign, symbol. Zenobia was a queen who ruled the city of Palmyra in the Arabian desert.

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