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One of the greatest quirks of the Lunar series is the variety of townspeople. Unlike in most RPGs, everyday folk have their own personalities, some very strange. Here's just a smattering of what you'll find.
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silver star story
eternal blue

Silver Star Story

Brett is a gambler in the sea town of Saith. He hangs out in the bar, where he cheats everyone within a 5-mile radius, including the sea captain. You meet him when you need to get back the Sea Chart he unfairly won from the captain.

Location:Damon's Spire
Damon is an old wise man who lives in the middle of nowhere. He has a tower full of books, but you must pass several tests to get to the top.

Dross is an unscrupulous shop-owner. He tries to cheat Ramus out of the Dragon's Diamond, but Ramus knows better. Later, he goes to work in what is now Ramus' shop.

Drunk of Meribia
The drunkard lies outside the Meribian bar, wasting his life and making nasty comments.

Jealous Singer
She hangs out in the dressing room in the bar and sulks about how the other singer gets all the attention. She even complains when the other singer gets kidnapped!

The cute daughter of the boss of the Thieves' Guild, Lily is a great singer.

Meryod Singer
She'd be more aptly named the Meryod Yowler. She sings TERRIBLY. Believe me. Don't ask her to sing for you.

Old Hag
Location:by Saith
The old hag lives in a forest north of Saith. She likes canes and supposedly eats all kinds of strange animals.

Old Man of Black Rose Street
Location:Black Rose Street, Meribia
The old man keeps losing things, and blaming it on his favorite villian of the moment. Many of his lost items, such as his lost wig, turn up in Reza at the Thieves' Bazaar. Hmm.

Lina's Friend!!!!
The best minor character EVER! He wants you to join in his fake medicine scam. He's trying to sell leprosy medicine to the poor townspeople. Tempest has other ideas... but don't worry, Alex saves him.

Perverted Photographer
This strange guy goes around snapping pictures of girls. You'll get one of them in the form of a bromide, or, more correctly, Jessica will snatch it in fury.

Sea Captain
The Sea Captain has a boat in Saith. Unfortunately, he keeps losing his Sea Chart in gambling games. He's also a huge coward, who refuses to go out on the sea when trouble starts brewing.

Shira is a strange inventor from Iluk. He was one of Myght's students who left and moved to the little hovel of weirdos.

Taben is an evil inventor, the antithesis of Myght. He is the mastermind behind several evil inventions the Vile Tribe uses.

Thieves' Guild Boss
He's actually a very nice guy, and honorable for a thief. He helps you out several times. He's also a very good father to Lily.

Vain Hick Lady
This strange woman can't stop staring at herself in the mirror, because she thinks she's "jest so purdy!" Her husband's a tad upset about this.

Location:Lann Island
Fake Dragonmaster Zoc is a pathetically weak moron who lives in the swamps by Lann, pretending to be a Dragonmaster so they'll feed him.

Eternal Blue

This old man was the high priest of Althena in Azado, and a friend of Ronfar's. When Althena's Chosen took over, he was deposed. Now the Chosen seem to be trying to get rid of him.

Location:Illusion Woods, then Carnival
Giban is the friendly leader of the band of gypsies who perform at the Carnival. When Jean escaped from the Shadow Dragon Cult, he took her in and treated her almost like a daughter.

Jamil is the new high priest of Azado, Balse's replacement. A member of Althena's Chosen, he is unsure of his loyalties but easy to manipulate.

Jean's Groupie
This strange, overly-enthusiastic woman came to Horam to marry the winner of the martial arts competition. This happened to be Jean. But this doesn't deter her; now she's eagerly courting poor Jean.

Location:East Nota
Julia is the shy, beautiful daughter of the mayor of East Nota. She is in love with Kyle, a passionate West Notan, but, unfortunately, she's betrothed to Romeo, the mayor of West Nota. Her father gave her the Rememberizer as an early wedding present, but she only uses it to remember Kyle...

Location:Illusian Woods, then Carnival
Katrina is a fortune teller, a friend of Jean's. While many are afraid of her for her power to see the future, she later becomes revered (and worshiped by certain males).

Location:West Nota
Kyle, a purple-haired West Notan with a strangely familiar name, is in love with Julia, the daughter of East Nota's mayor. Unfortunately, his beloved is betrothed to someone else. He sits pining away by a treasure box.

Maria is the daughter of the mayor of Zulan. She got trapped in the blizzard and lost her memory. You rescued her, but failed to find her husband. When she returned, she kept insisting that she wasn't Maria, and failed to recognize her own baby. She claimed she was a Red Dragon, waiting for her White Dragon to come whisk her away. Strangely enough, there's a man in the Meribian bar claiming to be a White Dragon searching for his Red Dragon....

Martha's a great singer. Problem is... after her performances, she likes to get drunk and trash the place. Now, if only she could settle down with a nice guy... say, the one standing across from her and staring at her 24 hours a day.

Lemina's kind, lovely mother, Miria supports equality for all, whether or not they can use magic. Unfortunately, her goodness and beauty makes her the object of Borgan's affections.

Porom is Balse's young son, who gets manipulated by Althena's Chosen. He now feels guilty and tries to make it up to his father.

Ronfar's Grandpa
This senile old man can't recognize anyone, including his own grandson. He just sits at the entrance to Raculi, mumbling incoherently to everyone who passes by.

Scary Zen Zone Guy
Location:Zen Zone
He's the greeter at the Zen Zone, and a scary one at that. Really scary. He's rather sadistic, even to the point of sado-masochism.

Location:Illusion Woods, then Carnival
Silky is the style-conscious costume designer for the Carnival crowd. Jean is her star and her favorite muse, but she complains about Jean's shoddy treatment of her fashion masterpieces.

Transmission Springs Pervert
Location:Transmission Springs
This guy is obsessed with bromides, and trying to get others hooked on the hobby. He helps you out by giving you Mia's bromide.

This venerable old martial arts master once trained Lunn. A practitioner of the Blue Dragon Fist, he chooses Jean to represent his dojo in the martial arts competition.

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