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Throughout your adventure, you meet many people, friend and foe alike. Some of these aid you with their fighting or advice, while others will do nothing to avoid killing you. Beware! Some of these bios (marked) are spoilers!

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silver star story
eternal blue

Silver Star Story


Xenobia is a descendant of the forgotten Vile Tribe. She impersonated Lemia and put a mask on her that concealed her identity and made her powerless. Xenobia is in love with Ghaleon, but that is a minor part of the story.


Phacia is first introduced to you as the Head Priestess of Althena's Shrine. At first, she does not seem a bit evil, but in the Star Chamber, she reveals her true identity as one of the three evil sisters of the VIle Tribe. She is the most compassionate of the three, showing that she is not doing this out of spite for the humans, but out of love for the Vile Tribe. Once she learns of her tribe's evils, she becomes reformed and helps Alex.


First seen as a beautiful fortune teller on Black Rose Street, she later reveals herself as a descendant of the Vile Tribe. When you meet up with her, she uses the power of fire to attack you, and never leaves without telling you your fortune.


One of the Four Heroes and Dyne's best friend, Ghaleon's evil intentions were not suspected until he himself revealed them at the White Dragon Cave. He was the Magic Emperor whom everybody had been afraid of, and captured Luna. Still, it is not until near the end of the game that you know why Ghaleon is the Magic Emperor. Dyne had turned the Goddess Althena into a human so that people wouldn't rely entirely on her. However, Ghaleon had his own plans, which involved the reawakening of the Goddess. This Goddess, Luna, was turned into his slave, and had the power to grant Ghaleon's true wish: to become a god....... That is, if Alex hadn't stepped in.

Mel is the ex-pirate member of the Four Heroes. After his adventures, he got married, had a daughter named Jessica, and became the governer of the prosperous city, Meribia. His wife died while Jessica was still young, so Mel looked to Jessica for the sweet, shy ways of the woman he had loved.

A chubby boy from Burg, Ramus is interested only in money and food. He encourages the start of Alex's adventure, but drops out early on to start a store in Meribia. This store quickly finds success with its bunny girls and Ramus's money-making tactics (like keeping the store open when the Vile Tribe is in town.)

Tempest is a warrior of the Plains Tribe who was once a friend of Dyne. He is skilled with a bow, and saves your butt in Tamur Pass. Later, when Alex & co. are seeking the Black Dragon, he briefly joins your party, but isn't all that useful. Tempest believes in harsh punishments, but Alex stops him.

Fresca is the blue-haired wife of Tempest. She is another warrior of the Plains Tribe, but doesn't do much in the game.

Lemia is one of the Four Heroes and the mother of Mia. However, when you meet her, she has changed from her old ways as the kind leader of the Magic Guild into a suspicious, cruel woman who abused her powers. It's up to Alex to find out what's wrong!


Dragonmaster Dyne was possibly one of the greatest Dragonmasters. His final mission was to have the Goddess Althena reborn as a human, which he accomplished but kept a secret. He supposedly lost his magical powers and died, but is really the ill-fashioned Laike whom Alex meets along his quest.

Laike is an unbelievably strong warrior who helps Alex out several times throughout his journey. Laike seems to be harboring a secret...

Myght is an inventor with a flatulence problem living all alone in a tower. He makes an airship for Alex so that he can travel to the Frontier.

Eternal Blue

White Knight Leo is the first member of Althena's Chosen Hiro meets up with. From the start, you know he's a problem, and thinks that Lucia is the Destroyer. However, after he learns of the evils that Althena's Chosen commits, he helps Hiro out and lends him his ship, the Dragonship Destiny. Near the end of the game, Leo permanantly joins Hiro's party, and uses physical attacks and earth magic to help him out. Leo has some pretty amusing battle cries, such as "I saved this for you, infidel!" and "Sample my goods!"

1000 years after his death, Ghaleon was revived by Zophar. He clung onto life by being Zophar's slave, and knew that if he disobeyed his master, he'd die once again. At the end of the game, Ghaleon realizes the power of humanity within Hiro and friends, turns against Zophar, and accepts his death.

From the beginning, Lucia speaks of a Destroyer, Zophar. He destroyed the Blue Star, and intends to destroy Lunar now. Zophar has taken over the minds of many, and already is getting control of the world through the brainwashed Althena's Chosen.

Black Wizard Borgan has created a city, Neo-Vane that is supposedly supposed to be like Vane once was. However, this society enslaves those who do not know magic instead of teaching these people Borgan's art. After you defeat Borgan, he realizes the error in his ways, and returns to Vane, where he works to restore the city with his love Miria. (Poor Miria!)

At first, Blue Master Lunn is seen as the karate-master governer of Meribia. However, you later discover that he kidnaps children and teaches them the art of Shadow Dragon Karate. These children lose their souls to the karate, and his only pupil that escaped was Jean.

Red Priestess Mauri was once Ronfar's lover, but after she fell ill, everything changed. None of Ronfar's regular magic could save her, and the only way he could was by giving her a potion made of the blood of Zophar. This took Mauri's soul, and her devotion was only to The Chosen. Eventually, Ronfar goes inside of Mauri's soul to cleanse it.

Nall is the leader of the Lostest Boys, a group of orphans living on Taben's Peak. He gives Hiro much advice from his days with Alex, and seems to have a crush on Ruby.

Gwyn is Hiro's grandfather, an archaeologist. His research is centered around the Blue Spire, which he has not been able to enter yet. He joins briefly at the beginning of the game, and specializes in healing magic.

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