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Due to the excess of different types of equipment, Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue equipment will be on different pages. Equipment includes weapons, body armor, headgear, shields and other arm protectors, and accessories.

atk=attack def=defense agi=agility spe=speed wis=widom mag=magic defense ran=range

[ silver star story ]

[ equipment main ]
Eternal Blue

Althena's SwordHiroatk+111 def+7 agi+7 spe+7 wis+7 mgd+7 ran+7 luck+7N/ABlade blessed with light
Ghaleon's SwordHiroatk+100 wis+9 mag+9N/AValuable relic
Nameless SwordLeoatk+105 def+5 mag+5 ran+512,600Dare not speak its name
White FangLeoatk+94 agi+510340Deadly page
Master SwordHiro, Leoatk+94 def+2 agi+2 spe+2 ran+210340For experts only
Amethyst SwordHiro, Leoatk+85 wis+58500A magic blade of dark crystal
Samurai SwordHiro, Leoatk+76 agi+56840Fight with honor
Platinum BladeHiro, Leoatk+67 spe+55360Made of lightweight metal
Rune SwordHiro, Leoatk+57 wis+2 mag+23990Inscribed with mystic symbols
Smash SaberHiro, Leoatk+70 agi-5 spe-5 atk#-22100Thick as Ronfar, heavy as Borgan. Lina's note: Your attack # can't go below 1
Bastard SwordHiro, Leoatk+492450Blade to cause much cursing
Silver SwordHiro, Leoatk+40 mag+51600Magical sword of Mythril
BroadswordHiro, Leoatk+311240For men only
Long SwordHiro, Leoatk+23690Standard military weapon
Short SwordHiro, Leoatk+17340Or a really long dagger
Star DaggerHiro, Ronfar, Jean, Lemina, Leoatk+20 atk#+1 luck+72000Steals MP from enemies
Justice RodRonfaratk+100 def+10 mag+10N/ARenders divine judgment upon foes
Holy MaceRonfaratk+93 wis+8 mag+810330Weapon blessed by the Goddess
Amethyst MaceRonfaratk+807200Constructed of crystal shards
Flaying FlailRonfaratk+725760Mighty mace for martial artists
Silver MaceRonfaratk+331320Shiny skull-smashing stick
FlailRonfaratk+21 630Chain of sharp silver spikes
MaceRonfaratk+15 300Iron-plated brain-basher
Berserker ClawJeanatk+99N/ASlices through flesh and bone
Crushing FistJeanatk+879570Strong enough to smash stone
Black Panther ClawJeanatk+665940Forged from the hardest iron
Jean's FanJeanN/A3500Vividly decorated and very deadly
Platinum FanJeanN/A2580Magical fan of white metal
Iron FanJeanN/A1060Crafted from sharp steel strips
Sage StaffLeminaNone20,000Mutes your enemies
Thieves' StaffLeminaNoneN/ASteals items from enemies
Lightning StaffLeminaNone6000Very, very frightening!
Earth StaffLeminaNone6000Unleashes a torrent of rocks
Wind StaffLeminaNone2000Gusts enemies to death
Flame StaffLeminaNone2000Giant fiery spheres are fun!
Water StaffLeminaNone2000Drowns foes in high-quality H2O

Dragon ArmorHirodef+75N/ADragon defensive power
Goddess ArmorLeodef+70 agi+5 spe+5 wis+5 mag+5N/ABlessed by the goddess herself
Dyne's ArmorHiro, Leodef+646400A Dragonmaster perspired in this
Amethyst ArmorHiro, Leodef+565040Made of magical crystal
Warrior ArmorHiro, Leodef+483840Heavy-duty and dent-resistant
Silver ArmorHiro, Leodef+321920Protects against evil
Iron ArmorHiro, Leodef+261300Full-body metallic suit
Chain MailHiro, Ronfardef+18720Light linked armor
Leather ArmorHiro, Ronfardef+12360Made from the toughest cows
Saint ClothesRonfardef+70 mag+7N/AGreat garb for purified priests
Chaos ArmorRonfarluck+8 def=---1554 (sells for 777)Provides random defensive power
Miracle ClothesRonfardef+60 mag+66000Miraculously easy to wash
Battle ClothesRonfardef+52 mag+54680Divine protection
Holy ClothesRonfardef+44 mag+43520These reflect a priest's virtue
Ceremonial ClothesRonfardef+37 mag+32590Worn for religious rituals
Purity ClothesRonfardef+30 mag+21800Purified by a priest
Priest ClothesRonfardef+23 mag+11150Outfit of The Chosen
Scarlet WrapJeandef+77N/AEnemies' blood blends right in
Tiger WrapJeandef+696900You look FIERCE, girlfriend!
Ninja WrapJeandef+615490Dark suit for sneaking about
Jean's DressJeanN/A2940Gorgeous or gaudy?
Fur DressJeanN/A1300Real fur? How un-PC!
Flared DressJeanN/A720Wide, poofy garment
Sage RobeLeminadef+70 wis+8 mag+8N/AOnly for powerful magicians
Aura RobeLeminadef+60 wis+7 mag+76000Woven of light's essence
Wisdom RobeLeminadef+50 wis+6 mag+64500Boosts wearer's magic power
Immortal RobeLeminadef+40 wis+5 mag+53200Magically boosts defense
Fur RobeLeminadef+21 wis+3 mag+31050Wear the fur and no more "brrr"
Silver RobeLeminadef+17 wis+2 mag+2680Sewn with silver thread

Dragon HelmHirodef+35N/ALegendary puss-protector
Lion HelmLeodef+34N/AFerocious protection
Master HelmHiro, Leodef+292610Provides unrestricted vision
Amethyst HelmHiro, Leodef+252000Magical mullet-musher
Warrior HelmHiro, Leodef+211470Full head protection
Platinum HelmHiro, Leodef+171020Lightweight helm of white metal
Silver HelmHiro, Leodef+9360Polished 'til it shines
Iron HelmHiro, Leodef+5150Standard military helmet
Leather CapHiro, Leodef+240Conceals bad-hair days
Spirit BandanaRonfardef+21 agi+1 wis+11680Wards off ghosts
Prayer BandanaRonfardef+18 wis+1 mag+11260Purified for priests
Charm BandanaRonfardef+15 mag+2900Charms the ladies, that is
Lucky BandanaRonfardef+9 luck+2450With secret pocket for marked cards
Silver BandanaRonfardef+6240Expensive hair-cloth
Colorful BandanaRonfardef+360Tie-dyed with fluorescent colors
Goddess HairpinJeandef+303000Increases fighting spirit
Holy HairpinJean, Leminadef+242160Ringing sound wards off evil
Amethyst HairpinJean, Leminadef+211680Creepy-looking and magic-imbued
Ritual HairpinJean, Leminadef+15900Holds evil at bay
Platinum HairpinJean, Leminadef+9360Protects against evil
HairbandJean, Leminadef+360Beautiful accessory for women

Legendary LidHiro, Ronfar, Jean, Lemina, Leoatk+2 def+20 agi+2 spe+2 wis+2 mag+2 ran+1 luck+21462Taken from the Magical Saucepan
Dragon ShieldHirodef+505000Almost indestructable
Master ShieldHiro, Leodef+423780Forged BY experts FOR experts
Amethyst ShieldHiro, Leodef+362880Surprisingly shatter-proof
Warrior ShieldHiro, Leodef+312170Large enough to deflect any blow
Platinum ShieldHiro, Leodef+251500Buy two and go "double platinum"
Silver ShieldHiro, Leodef+15600Lightweight and easy to handle
Iron ShieldHiro, Leodef+10300Standard military shield
Wood ShieldHiro, Leodef+5100Splintery slice of lumber
Goddess BraceletRonfardef+444400Touched by the Goddess herself
Holy BraceletRonfardef+383420Repels evil
Amethyst BraceletRonfardef+322560Massive magical manacle
Bejeweld BraceletRonfardef+271890Taste the rainbow
Platunum BraceletRonfardef+221320Enhanced defensive ability
Steel BraceletRonfardef+17850Enhances defensive ability
Silver BraceletRonfardef+12480Lookit the sparkle!
Iron BraceletRonfardef+8240Metal bangle with heavy dangle
BraceletRonfardef+480Light, white wrist-wrap
Leopart ArmletJeandef+312480Engraved with a leopard's paw
Goddess GauntletLeminadef+40N/AKeeps your arm safe and warm
Psycho GauntletLeminadef+33N/AIt's crazy how protective it is
Mystic GauntletLeminadef+272160Comes with all-seeing magic eye
Jewel GauntletLeminadef+221540This is a real gem
Platinum GauntletLeminadef+131540Shimmering shielding
Silver GauntletLeminadef+8320This does NOT detonate
Iron GauntletLeminadef+360Low-budget arm-armor

all accessories can be equipped to anyone
Hero's TalismanN/AN/AMagically boosts party's attacks. Lina's notes: It strengthens the whole party. It also makes the wearer (but nobody else) take half damage from everything and it teaches Burning Rage.
Healing RingN/A6000Restores some HP after every turn
Shield RingN/A11,000Decreases damage caused by attacks
Force RingN/A11,000Decreases damage caused by magic
Luck Ringluck+103100Increases wearer's Luck
Barrier Ringdef+15 mag+154000Increases both types of Defense
Anti-Magic Ringmag+99000Increases Magic Defense
Earth RingN/A5000Decreases thunder and wind damage
Plasma RingN/A5000Decreases earth and water damage
Water RingN/A5000Decreases thunder and fire damage
Wind RingN/A5000Decreases fire and earth damage
Spirit TalismanN/A15,000Lowers damage of elemental magic
Purity RingN/A3200Wearer immune to poison
Vigor RingN/A3500Wearer cannot be paralyzed
Dew RingN/A3200Wearer immune to sleep spells
Noisy AmuletN/A3200Wearer cannot be muted
Power TalismanN/A4000Wearer cannot be charmed
Fresh RingN/A10,000Prevents poison, paralysis, and sleep
Clear RingN/A10,000Wearer is mute- and charm-proof
Tri-RingN/A15,000Prevents any status changes
Fiend Ringdef+30 mag+27N/AIncreases both types of Defense, but...
Gauss's NecklaceN/A1300Recovers 7HP per turn when worn
Iron Clogsdef+1 ran-3120Weight training for karate students
Lemina's PurseN/AN/AUsually empty. Lina's note: I think it increases the amount of money you earn in battle.

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