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Most of the playable characters in Lunar have their own unique assortment of spells which they learn with their levels. However, in Lunar 2, you can also use spells from crests and sometimes, when you learn a new spell, it replaces its weaker counterpart.

Target (TAR) code:
1A=One Ally
AZ=Ally Zone
AA=All Allies
1E=One Enemy
EZ=Enemy Zone
AE=All Enemies
EL=Enemy Line

silver star story

eternal blue

Silver Star Story

Althena LitanyJessica101ARecover all HPVery useful!
BlizzardMia10AERaging blizzardMia starts with it
Calm LitanyJessica15AARecover HPBest in battle or for 4+ allies
Cascade SongLuna101AFortify a friendGreat to use on Alex for boss fights
Cleanse LitanyJessica41ACure conditionDon't hesitate to use this.
ConfusionNash7EZConfuseDoes it ever work?
Dragon AngerAlex35AESearing firestormUse lots of MP to do big damage
Dragon GriefAlex15AEDimension attackKill all foes for no experience or money
Dragon HealingAlex40AAHeals everyoneGood in dire situations, but usually Jessica's healing will do.
Dragon ProtectAlex60AADefend magic attackThat's a lot of MP!
Escape LitanyJessica20AAEscape from dungeonConvenient
Escape SongLuna10AESend enemies awayYou don't earn anything, but it's good when you're in danger
Explosion StaffAlex9EZPressure attackGood when targetting many enemies
Fear LitanyJessica61EDrive away enemyNot too useful
Flame BombMia131EThrow fireballStrong fire attack
Flame CircleMia7EZFire pillarsWeak, but cheap & you learn it early
FlameriaMia30AEFire stormSuper-strong!
Flash ArrowTempest8EZArrow attackUse it while you have it!
Flash CutAlex18AESlices up enemiesGood for regular enemies
Flash WindTempest10AEWind attackNot very good
Healing SongLuna41AHeal woundsAlways use it
Heal LitanyJessica41ARecover HPAlways use it
Ice LanceMia51EIce daggersCheap attack on one
Ice ShellMia111AIncrease defensePretty good on bosses
Ice WallMia15EZCold airStrongest ice spell
InfernoGhaleon14AEFlame attackGhaleon's ridiculously strong anyway...
Magic BoxNash8EZSuppress magicDoes it ever work?
Miracle LitanyJessica201AResurrectExpensive, but extremely good
Nitro DaggerGhaleon14AECold air attackGhaleon's ridiculously strong anyway...
Power DriveMia111AIncrease attackExtremely good on bosses! Use it on Alex & Kyle
Power SlashKyle61ESkilled attackUse on bosses
Power SweepKyle14AZSword swipeUse if it targets many enemies
Power UpKyle8SelfIncrease attackGreat on bosses
Purity SongLuna41ARecover conditionVery useful
Rock'N'RollGhaleon10AEEarthquake attackGhaleon's ridiculously strong anyway...
Saint LitanyJessica12AARecover HP each turnUseful on bosses if you don't have healing rings equipped
SleepNash9EZHypnotizeDoes it ever work?
Sonic RiserKyle14LRelease weaselUse it if it targets many enemies
Spark BallNash10EZParalyze enemiesDoes it ever work?
StoneNash6EZTurn to stoneDoes it ever work?
Sword DanceAlex61EMulti-hit attackGood on bosses
Temptation SongLuna8AEHypnotizeGood on large groups
ThunderboltNash151ELightningStrong (for Nash)
Thunder BombNash6EZThunder attackNash's first attack spell
Thunder ThrustNash18AEFierce lightningAttacking all is convenient
TornadoGhaleon10AETornado attackGhaleon's ridiculously strong anyway...
Tranquil SongLuna15AAHeal friendsBest in battle or for 4+ allies
VigorAlex10SelfIncrease atk powerGood on bosses

Eternal Blue

Anger DiceRonfar21EHigher rolls equal more damageThis is fire elemental. Very useful (and cheap!) early on.
Batallion SwordHiro14ELDash and slash in a lineIt has its useful moments, but that's not overwhelmingly common
Black Dragon GriefCrest users30AEAll enemies sent to LimboIn Lunar 1, you don't get experience for the enemies this kills. I don't know if it's true in Lunar 2, though...
Blue Dragon HealingCrest users60AAAll allies recover all HPIt's powerful, but the MP consumption is a little heavy.
Blue Dragon FistJean32AEEvery enemy gets an uppercutIt uses quite a bit of MP, don't you think?
Blue Dragon KickJean14ELJean streaks across the battlefieldExcellent line attack
Blue Dragon PalmJean101EJean's foe feels the biteStandard attacking technique. Power up with Lemina's Power Drive.
Blue Dragon WaveJean14SpecialJean releases her fighting spiritI don't know what this does.
Burning RageHero's Talisman users1AAAttack is increasedThis is the best! Once you get it, start using it at the beginning of every battle!
Burning RainLemina, crest users10AEMulti part of flaming destructionReplaced by Crematorium
Butterfly DanceJean9EZPoisonous group attackDeals damage as well as poisoning
Buzz BladeLeo18EZHoly light bombards the enemyI haven't used this
Call EarthCrest users6SUse against Thunder and WindStrenghens all earth attacks
Call FlameCrest users6SUse against Water and WindStrenghens all fire attacks
Call ThunderCrest users6SUse against Earth and WaterStrenghens all thunder attacks
Call WaterCrest users6SUse against Thunder and FireStrenghens all water attacks
CatastropheLemina55AEOmni-elemental attack spellSuper-strong, but uses soooo much MP
Clean LitanyRonfar31AOne ally is cured of all conditionsNote that often enemies will just give back the condition that was undone.
Cleansing LitanyRonfar18AAAll allies are cured of all conditionsDoesn't replace Clean Litany
Concussion SwordHiro20AEHiro unleashes the bangA bit heavy on the MP-consumption, but otherwise useful against large groups
Crack ZoneLeo, crest users20AEStone pillars erupt from the earthMost powerful earth attack
Crack PointCrest users10AEShakes, rattles and rolls the groundSimple earth attack on all
CrematoriumLemina, crest users30AEAshes to ashes, butts to dustRidiculously strong!
Cross-BoomerangHiro61EA double-dose of flying woodA wind-elemental attack useful at the beginning of the game.
Cryo-ShieldLemina161EA massive boost of defensive powerIt can be useful, but usually Lemina's too busy casting other stuff
Dancing ThunderCrest users10AEFrom the Land Down UnderFirst thunder attack on all
Destiny DiceRonfar5AEA big-damage crapshotIf you bet correctly, it deals ~60 damage to each enemy. If not, the amount shown on the dice is dealt to Ronfar. I seemed to get it right most of the time.
Dirt NapCrest users31EEnemies become comatoseA sleep spell
Dispel MagicLemina31ECancels out stat-altering spellsEnemies don't alter their own stats that often
Divine LitanyRonfar20AAAll allies regain HP after every turnI usually use this at the beginning of boss fights, and just don't equip healing rings.
Dopple DanceJean16SelfCall Jean's deadly doppelgangerSummons a shadow that attacks at the end of the round for Jean's strength. Disappears after 3 rounds
Dream DanceJean9EZCauses enemies to take power napsWhen enemies are asleep, their defense lowers.
Earth PrayerLeo15SelfIncreases Leo's Attack and DefenseVery useful. Follow this up with Flash Blade.
Erase MagicLemina18AllClears the field of elemental magicOK, so those elements in the corner can be a pain... but 18 MP as well as Lemina's turn? I don't think so!
Escape LitanyRonfar2STeleport to the dungeon entranceDon't want to bother fighting weak enemies on your way out of a dungeon? Use this to help!
Fatal FlirtingCrest users71ETarget is seduced into sillinessSee description
Flame ShotLemina, crest user81ESpontaneous enemy combustionPowered up flame attack
Flash BladeLeo81EA stunning sword-strikesGreat for bosses! Precede this with Earth Prayer or Power Drive
Freeze ClawLemina, crest users10AESearing icy claw attackGets replaced by freeze smash
Freeze SmashLemina, crest users20AECause falling icy destructionPowered-up ice-elemental attack on all
Grizzle BladeLeo20EZShining forth on the bad guysIt uses quite a bit of MP, so be careful when you use it.
Heal LitanyRonfar41ARestores some HP to one allyExtremely useful out-of-battle healing spell that recovers about 40% of a character's HP. It never gets replaced.
Ice ArrowsLemina, crest users161EThree piercing projectilesPOWERFUL!!!
Ice LanceLemina, crest users7EZFrigid projectiles cause heavy damageIs replaced by Ice Wall
Ice PickLemina, crest users41EAn arrow of frozen waterGets replaced by Ice Arrows
Ice WallLemina, crest users21EZHuge hunks of hailWatch out: it uses 21 MP. However, it is very, very strong.
Icicle BreakCrest users25AEAttack of water and earthNever used it
Lightning RainCrest users41EBolts of something or otherStandard lightning attack
Magic ShieldLemina18SpecialBoosts Magic Defense of alliesIt's not self-explanitory. I haven't figured out exactly what it does...
Magic SealLemina, crest users31EPrevents an enemy from using magicGets replaced by Mega Seal
Magic SwiperLemina11ELemina pilfers an enemy's MPSave your star and silver lights for Ronfar! Lemina has her own way of keeping high MP!
Mega SealLemina9EZPrevents enemies from using magicIt's really not all that good.
Mighty MistralCrest users25AEAttack of water and windNever used it
Mind BlastCrest users71ECauses damage and paralysisSee description
Mind BurstCrest users71EThe enemy's brain goes boomParalysis
Miracle LitanyRonfar301AAwakens and heals one fainted allyThis is really good, but it's quite MP-consuming, so don't waste it on useless characters (Lucia)
Plasma ShockCrest users7EZRadiation eruptionLightning zone attack
Poe SwordHiro61EHiro hops high and hits hardUseful up until he learns Triple Sword. Try powering him up with Lemina's Power Drive for huge damage!
Poison DartCrest users51EA venomous purple projectileJust a poison attack
Power DriveLemina181AA massive boost of Attack powerOne of the best! Use it on Hiro, Leo, and Jean many times in boss fights. Note: it gradually wears off, so you'll have to occasionaly re-cast it.
Pulse ExplosionCrest users20EZA burst of bitternessNon-elemental magic.
Purity LitanyRonfar121ARecovers all HP of one allyOnly use this in battle. Out of battle, use Heal Litany
Pyro PillarLemina, crest user14EZHot, hot, hot!Powered-up fire-elemental zone attack
Recovery CoinRonfar20AAMay revive fainted alliesHalf the time, it revives all fainted allies; the other half of the time, it recovers HP to all living allies.
Red Dragon AngerCrest users40AEFireballs shower upon enemiesStrong spell
Revive LitanyRonfar121AAwakens one fainted allyThe character doesn't come back with full HP, so I'd reccomend having a slower character use a healing item on the newly-revived one in addition to this spell.
Rock CobraLeo, crest users81EDeadly rock strikePowerful earth attack on one.
Rock CrushCrest users7EZRock avalanceHah! You made a typo, Working Designs!!!
Rock RiotLeo, crest users14EZMulti-rock MADNESSPowered-up earth attack for a zone
Rock ViperCrest users41EDeadly magically-levitated rocksEarth attack on one
Rogue CharmCrest users71EMakes an enemy hot and botheredNever used it
Shining FlameCrest users25AEAttack of fire and thunderNever used it
Shining LitanyRonfar30AA/AEAll allies steal HP from all enemiesI haven't used it.
Slam DanceJean32SelfCall a more powerful DopplegangerReplaces Dopple Dance
Sleep SheepCrest users31EThe enemy crashesSelf-explanatory
Soul BladeLeo261E/SelfLeo plunders and enemy's HPI haven't used this.
Soul KissJean14EZCan confuse a group of enemiesConfuses and deals damage
Speed StormHiro8SelfHiro increses his own AgilityThis is pretty much useless. Hiro is rarely in situations where he urgently has to go before the enemy.
SquallHiro, crest users7EZCreate a windy diversionGets replaced by Tempest
Swarm DanceJean12EZParalyzes a group of enemiesParalyzes and deals damage
Super CycloneHiro, crest users20AEA flurry of furious funnelsPowered-up wind-elemental attack on all opponents
Super SealCrest users31EPrevends magic and special attacksSee description
Sybillium SwordHiro10EZHiro lets it rip with a wind bombUsually not too useful, since it is not reccomended for single enemies
TempestHiro, crest users14EZAin't no calm before THIS stormPowered-up wind-elemental zone attack
Thunder TornadoCrest users25AEAttack of wind and thunderNever used it
Tranquil LitanyRonfar24AARecovers most HP of all alliesIt's extremely useful in battles when other healing spells just won't do it. It uses a lot of MP, so use it conservatively!
Triple SwordHiro301EThree strikes and the enemy's outExtremely useful! Power him up with Lemina's Power Drive, then watch the final boss whimper in pain with over 3000 damages per use!
Venom DartCrest users51EMore lethal than Borgan's fartsNow that's lethal!!!!!
VortexHiro, crest users10AEDeath-dealing wind attackGets replaced by Super Cyclone
White Dragon ProtectCrest users50AAAll allies protected from one spellHaven't used it.
Wind CutterCrest users41EA brutal breezeSimple wind spell
Wind SlashCrest users71EVentilates enemy intestinesPowered-up wind attack

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