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Zell Dincht
Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Hometown: Balamb
Family: Ma Dincht (foster mother)
Weapon: Glove
Limit: Duel
Zell spent the early years of his life at Edea's orphanage with the other characters (except Rinoa). He was the tattle-tale. He was the only one at the orphanage who was ever adopted. He has a foster mother, Ma Dincht, in Balamb.

At the age of 13, Zell joined Garden to take after his grandfather. At Garden, he worked to become a martial arts expert.

Zell is not one to always follow rules, and puts acting cool over becoming a SeeD. He will often ride a T-Board around Balamb Garden, and then the Garden faculty has his T-Board confiscated. Well, Zell still puts a good amount of effort into his work, and becomes a SeeD at the same time Squall and Selphie do. After all, it is his dream to become a SeeD. He'd just be happier in a place that offers a little more freedom.

Pictures of Zell

zell's intro
zell's intro 2

zell's intro 3
ship from dollet
ship from dollet 2

ship from dollet 3
end of the game
cute pic