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The X-ATM092 as the ATM -by- Gold Dragon


Seifer> Come on you have 30 minutes to reach the transport on the beach. Lets MOVE IT!!!!!

Squall> How died and let him boss?

Zell> How cares lets go!

Selphie> Do I have to run?


As they reach the bottom of the tower...

Unknown> Screech...Scratch...Thump...Tap!!!!

All> Whats that!!!!

Squall looked up and saw something big, something that's scary, something that made a lot of noise.

Squall> What in the world is that?

Zell> What?

Squall> THAT!

Zell> Oh that...I don't know?

Selphie> AHHHH!

The unknown jumped down from the tower.

Selphie> AHHHHH!

Squall> That's the X-ATM092.

Zell> Yeah so!

Squall> Hey Zell let me see your ID card?

Zell> Why?

Squall> Just let me see it!!

Zell> you go.

Squall> (as he came right up to X-ATM902 and put the card in) Hey you guys how much gil do you want?!

Zell> I'll take 100,000 gil please.

Selphie> 9,000 gil for me!