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Seed...Seed...Seed... -by- Gold Dragon


Ultimecia> SeeD...SeeD...SeeD...

Zell> Hmmm...your right.

Squall> Zell What are you doing?

Zell> I took SeeD in school.

Squall> Yeah, but its not a language!

Zell> SeeD is my secret language that I made up.

Squall> So what is she saying then...Know-it-all Zell.

Zell> Ultimecia said we have 5 seconds to get out of here and run like chickens. So I'll be going then...see you all at Balamb Garden.

Squall> What are you going there for?

Zell> To get some of those delicious Hot Dogs!

Squall> (as he grabbed Zell's arm) Oh no you don''re staying here like the rest of us.

Zell> Oh man! That's not far!!!

Ultimecia> What are they talking about???

Squall & Zell are both fighting.

Rinoa> Stop it you two! If you want to fight save, your strength for the fight with Ultimecia!

Squall> You know what Zell?

Zell> What!

Squall> She's right.

Rinoa> Tee Hee.

Zell> Yeah your right. NOT!!

Squall & Zell start fighting again

Selphie> You know what Quistis and Rinoa?

Both> What Selphie?

Selphie> I don't think there going to stop not even for a hot dog.

Both> Yeah your right.

Ultimecia> Hmmm. Whats going on? I though there going to fight me. Oh well.