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Rinoa Heartilly
Age: 17
Height: 5'3 1/2"
Hometown: Deling City
Family: General Caraway (father), Julia (mother)
Weapon: Pinwheel
Limit: Combine
Rinoa is the daughter of General Caraway and Julia. At age 17, she was leading a resistance group against Galbadia, the Forest Owls, while her father was a Galbadian general. She meets Squall for the first time when she is at Balamb Garden requesting help from SeeD. It turns out that Squall was among the SeeDs sent to help the Forest Owls regain Timber's independance from Galbadia.

At the beginning of the game, Rinoa likes Seifer, who gives her a feeling of power. However, Rinoa quickly falls in love with Squall, and he with her. Rinoa brings out optimism and love of life in Squall. In return, he saves her three times: when the people of Esthar seal her to stop her from going insane, when she runs out of oxygen in space, and when Sorceress Adel has taken her hostage.

At the start of the game, Edea is a sorceress, whom the evil sorceress from the future, Ultimecia, takes control over. Squall and co. don't know this, and battle her several times. After one battle, Edea unknowingly gave her powers away to Rinoa, who then falls into a deep sleep. In an effort to use Ellone's power to awaken Rinoa, Squall goes out into space. Here, Rinoa awakens, controlled by Ultimecia. Rinoa goes out of the spaceship and unseals Sorceress Adel, who has been sealed by the people of Esthar to stop her from doing harm if Ultimecia controls her. After Squall rescues her in space, she continues the fight against Ultimecia.

Pictures of Rinoa

in garden
in garden 2

at the ball
at the ball 2

in space
in space 2
with a feather

end of game
cute pic
cute pic 2