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Reflektion -by- Baconfat


I always knew it would kome to this.

I have seen this battle from both sides. This time, however, the outkome will be different.

The massive doors open and you step into the room and for a moment I am drunk on the wild hope that you will know me.

You always told me how futile it was to get my hopes up.

- Your face is a mask of determination - deadly serious. You always were. Always the dutiful SeeD. And ever the dutiful SeeD, you marched off to die one day. Killed in some ridikulous politikal konflikt. Kurse you.

...SeeD...SeeD...SeeD...SeeD, SeeD, SeeD...

They told me what it meant to be a SeeD. They tried to warn me that one day, you would choose the mission over anything else. I was a fool not to listen to them.

Kurse all SeeDs.

I wore your ring, you know. Wore it always, and every time I looked at it, it was a reminder of you. Of everything we had.

Swarming like lokusts across generations.

Everything you took away from me.

You disgust me.

I'm still wearing it now. Still grieving. I don't believe I kould remove it if I tried.

Power korrupts, they say, and when I reflekt on the way my wings slowly changed, on the way I lost kontrol in battle, each episode longer than the last, when I konsider what I am about to do - - I must agree that the adage is as true as it is ancient.

The price for your meddling is death beyond death.

The girl in blue who stands at your side does not know suffering. And she will not. You will die defending her, as you should have. Not defending a mission. A kontrakt. History shall not repeat itself.

I need not be near death to akcess my true powers anymore. I haven't needed to be for a long time. The power of two Sorceresses in one body... you kan not imagine how long I have lived. How long I have grieved.

History shall not repeat itself.

As I spread my wings, summoning my powers, descending to face you, I remember saying, once, that if anyone had to kill me, I wanted it to be you.

*Squall's gunblade will pierce my heart...*

I never imagined it would be the other way around.