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  • Who leaves magazines in the sewers?
  • How do the people at Balamb Garden get your salary to you?
  • How did Rinoa know Seifer?
  • Why is Irvine, a mere student, as strong as the other party members, who are SeeDs?


  • How'd Rinoa get to become a part of the Forest Owls when she's not from Timber and her father is the opposing general?
  • If there's time compression, why can you move?
  • If Ellone's only purpose of sending you back in time is to stop Laguna from going after her, why did she send Zell to be Ward as a janitor in the prison?
  • How did Squall survive at the end of Disc 1 when Edea impaled him with her Ice Strike?
  • How is it that when the other character's learned of their past at Edea's orphanage, that Seifer magically knew too?
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