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Laguna Loire
Age: 27 (currently 44)
Height: 5'9"
Hometown: Deling City
Family: Raine (wife), Squall (son)
Weapon: Gun
Limit: Desperado
At the age of 27, Laguna Loire was a Galbadian soldier travelling with his two loyal friends, Ward and Kiros. Ward is heavy and fights with a harpoon. Kiros, on the other hand, is very thin. He fights with two knives.

You play out Laguna's journey 17 years in the past through dreams. At first, the cause of these dreams is a mystery, but eventually, you discover that his "niece" Ellone is sending your minds back in time in an attempt to change the past. You never succeed in changing anything, but it does help you save Rinoa's life at one point.

Early on in the game, Laguna has a crush on Julia, a pianist who plays at an inn in Deling City. He never makes it with her; she ends up marrying General Caraway and giving birth to Rinoa.

A little later, Laguna moves to Winhill and meets his good friend Ellone (who considers him an uncle) and his future wife, Raine. He loves Ellone and Raine, but he grows restless with life in a small town with no adventure and nothing happening for him to write about.

Unfortunately, Laguna's ticket out of Winhill is the disappearance of Ellone. She is captured by Esthar soldiers, so Laguna goes after her in an attempt to save her. It's not easy, but Laguna gets Ellone out. He discovers that the selfish Adel, ruler of Esthar, was using Ellone's power to send people's minds back in time to gain more power. Laguna ends Adel's reign, and later becomes president of Esthar.

Pictures of Laguna


outside 2
with ward and kiros
in the dark

in the dark 2
in the dark 3
hugging raine

marrying raine
watching garden
cute pic