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Test your knowledge of Lunar 1 and Lunar 2! From questions about quotes and events to battles to funny questions, we've got them all here!
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1.Who does Ghaleon call an ignorant fop?
2.Which outfit has Lucia not worn?
3.Who did Gwyn not write a haiku about?
4.What kind of fur is Alex's hat made of?
5.Of your characters, who is Lucia's lowest priority for healing?
6.What statue does Mia make in Damon's tower?
7.What does Lucia admire about Ronfar?
8.Who, in my game of L:SSSC, has never said "I say this just for you!"
9.What does Royce say just for you?
10.What does the medicine guy that Tempest tried to kill ask you to do to make his leprosy medicines look more realistic?

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