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In each game, there are 7 extremely well-developed major characters. There is the hero, his flying cat, the love interest, the healer, the fast one, the magician, and the other fighter. As simple as this may seem, they're just similar in battle; in the story, each character has a unique personality. Lunar 2 has a secret character not mentioned on this page.

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[ everyday folk ]
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silver star story
eternal blue

Silver Star Story


Alex is a teenager from Burg whose hero is the late Dragonmaster Dyne. He always wanted to be a Dragonmaster, but at first it seems unlikely. Alex's hobby is to play the ocarina along to his girlfriend Luna's singing. Since Alex is quiet, he does not openly display his strong affections for her. However, when the need arises, he will do everything, even going on a seemingly impossible quest, to save her.


Nash is the Junior Premiere of Vane, one of Ghaleon's disciples. He has a crush on Mia, future leader of the Magic Guild. You first meet him in the woods by Saith, where Nall instantly develops a hate for him due to his annoying egotism. (Kyle hates him too.) He is even more easily hated when he reveals a certain secret to you. Nash's thunder magic is sometimes useful, but don't bother with his effect magic.


Mia is the shy daughter of Lemia. She is very popular with the boys, but does not appreciate their attention. The only boy she has eyes for is Nash (what does she see in him?). As the game progresses, Mia gets over her fears and becomes ready to face her destiny. She as an extremely powerful magician, but, unfortunately, a pathetic physical fighter.


Kyle is the thieving leader of Nanza. He has tendancies to get drunk, to overeat, and to say any perverted thoughts that may be on his mind to annoy Jessica. However, deep inside, he loves Jessica with all his heart, but and is just too cocky to admit it. He's got good skills with a sword, but can't use magic.


Jessica, daughter of Hell Mel, is currently studying at Althena's Shrine to become a priestess. Around him, she acts shy and innocent, but while she is away, she is a tomboy. She skips out of school to go on her own adventures (often benifiting her), has a rougish boyfriend, and will bravely fight any enemy. Her healing powers make her easily one of the best characters in the game.


Luna is Alex's girlfriend, a marvelous singer whose songs have magical powers. She is often bossy, and is very suspicious about impure thoughts in Alex's mind, but that is mostly a joke. She knows that Alex loves her and, although he does not obey her every command, has good common sense. Luna is taken aback by all of the wonders the world has in store for her, but even when the worst comes true, her heart remains strong.


Nall is a flying, talking cat who has the bad habit of speaking his mind too often. But it isn't just his own mind that he speaks... He basically speaks for Alex, too! He can be annoying, funny, and/or cute, depending on the way you look at him. In battles, he revives fallen allies. When he does it, it's quite convenient, but since he quite often is too lazy to help you out, he can be very irritating.

Eternal Blue

Hiro is the main character in Lunar 2, who, as soon as he first sets eyes on Lucia in the Blue Spire, fell in love with her. He loves adventure and fights to save anyone he can.

Ruby is Hiro's lifelong friend who claims to be a Red Dragon. She has a crush on Hiro, and is jealous of Lucia. She argues with townspeople that she is not a cat, and has a short temper, which results in fire breath. (She's crisped Ronfar more than enough times!) At first, the 6-10 damages she deals occasionally is extremely helpful, but later on, it'll seem like she's not even there.

Lucia is a mysterious lady from the Blue Star, who comes to save the world of Lunar from a Destroyer, Zophar. At first, Lucia has no understanding of human emotions, and sticks out. However, as she falls in love with Hiro and spends more time with people, she becomes much like an everyday person. Lucia is annoyingly uncontrollable, and is easily the worst playable character.

Formerly a priest of Althena and boyfriend of Mauri, Ronfar is now a gambler and playboy in Larpa. Some suspect him of cheating, since he nearly always wins, but I think he's just lucky. His healing powers are amazingly helpful to Hiro & co.

Once a student of the Shadow Dragon Karate, Jean risked her life to escape from this evil art. She was then rescued by Carnival, where she lived out much of her life as a dancer. When Hiro first meets her, and she has to use her fighting abilities to keep Carnival out of danger, she mentions that she must forget her fighting past.

Lemina is the blond Junior Premiere of the Magic Guild and daughter of Miria. She will do everything for money, even turn her own friends (and herself) in for their "crime" of helping Lucia. Lemina, a talented magician herself, dreams of restoring Vane and the Magic Guild to its former glory.