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Working Designs has the courtesy to include lots of special features with their games, including a "Making of" CD! (Now if only we could get all of this at a lower price...) For Lunar 1, I got lots of neat info from this. Unfortunately, due to a combination of an old, half-broken PSX and a scratched-up Making of Lunar 2 disc, I couldn't view it. I used some information from the instruction book, but until I find a way to get the Making of info, that part will be brief and incomplete.
silver star story
eternal blue

Silver Star Story

  • Kei Shigema: Scenario Writer, Kadokawa Shoten Picture
  • Yoichi Miyaji: CEO, Kadokawa Shoten Picture
  • Toshiyuki Kubooka: Art director, Kadokawa Shoten Picture
  • Noriyuki Idawore: Music director Picture
  • Showji Murahama: CEO, Gonza Picture
  • Don Shirley: VP of Marketing Picture
  • Victor Ireland: President, Working Designs Picture
  • Bill Staeck: Audio Engineer, Working Designs Picture

    Voice Actors:
  • John Truitt: Voice of Ghaleon Picture
  • Jackie Powers: Voice of Nall Picture
  • Rhonda Gibson: Voice of Luna Picture
  • Jenny Stigile: Luna's singing voice Picture
  • Ashley Angel: Voice of Alex Picture

    Working Designs's Changes
    Changes from Sega CD version:
  • The latter half of the game was rewritten almost entirely.
  • There were few enemies in the original, so Xenobia, Royce, and Phacia were added.
  • There were only two to three minutes of animation in the first game. Now there is over an hour.
  • The first version had only four voice actors. For the Playstation version, there are 15.
  • The characters were made older, to fit with the aging players from the original to the remake.
  • There is a stronger love story. Changes frm the Japanese version:
  • There was more profanity in the Japanese version. It was taken out because it is less appropriate in the U.S., and all of it would give the game a higher rating.
  • Myght's flatulence was not in the Japanese version.
  • Many jokes were Americanized
  • Luna's boat song was completely rewritten. If it had stayed closer to the original, it would have had a different effects and different emotions due to the differences in the languages. The U.S. version was more meloncholy and reflective than the Japanese song.

  • "I was thnking it was some sort of moon game." -Victor Ireland
  • "Mr. Sega CD" and "Mr. Playstation"
  • "She's a pretty hot cartoon." -Ashley Angel, referring to Luna.
  • "Dave's hot!" -a caption
  • "I got a nice shirt to wear because of this game, and that's pretty cool. I won't have a nice car to drive or any other clothes to wear, but I've got this shirt. I can say, 'Hey! I was in that game!'" -Ashley Angel

  • To create Nall's voice, Jackie Powers spoke normally, and then, using a computer, the pitch was raised.
  • Rhonda Gibson, Luna's speaking voice, is just somebody's friend.
  • Ashley Angel was Alex's original voice. He was almost going to be dumped because he was too old, but then they decided to keep him because Alex the character had grown some too.
  • Ashley Angel is now a member of the boy band O-Town.
  • John Truitt, Ghaleon's voice, had to drink about a gallon and a half of milk to create the right sound for coughing.
  • Part of the requirements for a job at Working Designs is to love and play games.
  • Digital paint was used
  • To create the art, drawings were scanned first. Then, they colored it on a computer. (Just like my sister for her fanarts!) Then, they animated them.
  • To create the boat scene, CG was used.
  • Quicktime and Adobe Premiere were used to create the animation scenes.
  • Luna's boat scene was almost cut out because of time issues and the fact that it did not have that much to do with the story. However, since it showed Luna's spirit in an interesting way, it was left in.
  • Luna's scarf was inspired by a nurse's outfit.
  • Drawing Luna
  • Luna on a computer

    Eternal Blue

    Staff (all Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Yoichi Miyaji: Executive producer Picture
  • Keisuke Shigematsu: Scenario writer
  • Isao Mizoguchi: Sound producer
  • Toshiyuki Kubooka: Art director
  • Shoji Murahama: Animation
  • S. Sata: Map design editor

  • In the U.S. version, there are green O's and red X's to show what the enemies' weakneses and strengths are. In the Japanese version, these X's and O's are not colored.
  • In the Japanese version, you couldn't see the effects of equipment until you bought it. That was fixed in the U.S. version.
  • Hiro's and Ruby's voices were changed from the Sega CD version. Ruby's voice was shrill and annoying, so it had to be changed.
  • Ronfar's flashback about Mauri was not included in the Japanese version.

  • It was difficult to create the theme of Lucia's learning of human ways and her love for Hiro.
  • In the creation of Lemina, she was thought of much like Mia. However, due to her cheerful personality, she had a ribbon around her hip. She was already wearing black clothes, and the artist figured that blond would go good with black.
  • A software called Gaudi was used for maps.
  • The no battle voices option was created due to popular demand.
  • S. Sata's pen name is Satan.
  • Drawing Lucia