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This page is for miscellanious little tidbits of information that I have found useful. Some involve strategies, but if you have another working strategy, that doesn't mean mine is any better.

silver star story

eternal blue

Silver Star Story

  • If one person runs and the rest of your party dies, you still run.
  • To get through dungeons, conserve Alex's and Kyle's MP. Use Mia's and Nash's as much as you'd like, and Jessica's as necessary. Before the boss fight, replenish the girls' MP. Nash is quite useless in boss fights.
  • Don't use AI
  • Save often
  • On most bosses, you should have Alex and Kyle power up, then use Sword Dance and Power Slash.
  • In Myght's tower, enter the doors in the following order: Saturn, Sun, Star, Moon

    Eternal Blue

  • Don't use AI
  • Save often
  • Mind/Warrior Crest combination is great for Hiro.
  • 2 Chiro crests is very useful, especially for Ronfar.
  • On Zophar, while Lucia is blabbering on about how she finally believes in the power of humanity, kill the first three arms.
  • On bosses, power up your physical fighters and use Poe Sword or Triple Sword, Blue Dragon Palm, and Flash Blade. If you want, make Jean use Dopple Dance, too.
  • After Lemina steals an item from an enemy for the first time, it is easier to steal it again from others of the same kind.
  • Don't cure Lucia (except with Calm/Tranquil Litany and Recovery Coin). She's pretty bad, and will heal herself anyway.