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In the Lunar games, it is obvious that many characteristics, people, places, items, and skills are linked to the different elements. Through a lot of thinking and using some obvious hints (ex. Ruby is fire) to determine what elements everything are. At first, I used the White, Red, Blue, and Black, but when I tried to place Hiro, I realized that he fit nowhere! Then, I tried earth, fire, water, thunder, and wind, which worked much better. In the Goddess Tower, they mention white ice, red flames, blue water, and black earth, but that doesn't necessarily mean that these are the only possibilities. That was one small part of the game; Leo using earth magic, Nash using thunder magic, the elemental rings, etc. are all much more important than the elements delegated there.
Some of my reasoning, especially on characters, items, and characteristics I had difficulty placing myself, may not make sense to you. I have included explanations of why I chose that element and why I am unsure of myself. Feel free to send in your opinions to element chart

Chart of Elements

Protection: A trait taken directly out of White Dragon Protect.
Wisdom: In Lunar 1, the Dragon Trial is testing for this trait
Honor: Leo has a strong sense of this.
Uselessness: Not really! I just think that the White Dragon Ring is useless!
Good/Holy: White. Holy. The two go together. Leo is very holy. Gee, don't you think this is white?
Honesty: Again, earth and white both symoblize honesty. Leo is honest. Nall is so honest that he wouldn't lie to stop himself from insulting others. (OK, so we're pretty sure he does that just because he's a little brat. But still, try to think of a time when Nall has lied.)
Nall: He's the White Dragon. What do you expect?
Jessica: This was a harder one to place. She shows signs of black (lying to her father), red (short temper), and blue (love for Kyle, healing powers). In fact, based on her personality, white seemed the least likely. However, since she wears white and since I think that each PC has a different element, and the other characters easily fell into categories (it makes sense for each character to be a different element), she has to be white.
Leo: He uses Earth magic and is the White Knight. This is a no-brainer.
Quark: When would a White Dragon not be white?
Dyne/Laike: Laike seems very earthy, don't you think? The Dyne was harder. Since he was the Dragonmaster, I wanted to put him under wind with Alex and Althena. However, each of the four heroes having a different one of the four non-wind elments made sense.
Phacia: Phacia definately lived to protect, whether it was the Vile Tribe or good causes. White is a holy element, and the way that Phacia turned good at the end is a holy thing to do.
Armadillo Karate: This crazy karate style is focused entirely on protection. That points directly to earth.
Burg: The town nearest the White Dragon Cave. It also has a small-town earthy feel.
Saith: Not as easy to place in Earth as Burg. Their being in the same Earth zone influenced me to put this town here. It also has that small-town earthy feel. However, all of the fishing and ships do remind me of water...
Taben's Peak: It's in the Katarina Zone, so one might think it's wind. However, more signs point to earth/white. The plants growing on it give it an earthy quality, while the fact that its ruler is Nall is definately white.
White Dragon Ring: Um.... Don't tell me you don't know this one.
White Dragon Wings: Again, another obvious one.
Althena's Mirror: The item used to show Lemia's true self. Truth fits this element. It is also the opposite of the mask that was put on Lemia, which is black. I was tempted to put it under wind because it's Althena's Mirror....
Dragon Protect: Obviously white. And the fact that protection has an earthy feel to it just makes it fit this category more obviously.
All of Leo's magical spells: It's hard to imagine earth-elemental spells not going under earth.
Explosion Staff: The description is "Pressure attack." Pressure. Rock. Earth. See the connection?
Rock'N'Roll: Ghaleon's earth spell.
Earth Ring: Could it be anything else?


Anger: From Dragon Anger
Courage: In Lunar 1, the trial of the Red Dragon is to prove your bravery
Strength: Mel is strong, Kyle is strong, etc. Not to mention, angry people are dangerous!
Spontaneity: Fire leaps quickly. Anger causes spontaneous decisions.
Ruby: Red dragons tend to be red.
Mauri: The Red Priestess.
Ronfar: He has quite a fiery personality. His only elemental ability, Anger Dice, is not only called anger, but it's fire elemental, too.
Kyle: Again, a fiery personality.
Mel: He prefers to be called Hell Mel. Why? Because Hell is full of fire. He's also a very strong, short-tempered person.
Royce: Her fire spells give her away. By the way, what kind of a girl's name is Royce???
Wolf Karate: The strong fighting style.
Marius Zone: I believe it was once nicknamed the Fire Zone. Additionally, it holds the Red Dragon Cave
Iluk: It's in the Marius Zone. This crazy inventor's town reminds me of all the quick changes fire can make.
Reza: It's in the Marius Zone and it really doesn't belong under any other element. Hmmm, and Lily's pink hair is close enough to red.
Raculi: L2 Marius Zone town. Home of Mauri and Ronfar, both red-elemental.
Flame Ring: Duh.
Red Dragon Shield: Um....
Red Dragon Anger: Obviously red
Lemina and Mia's fire spells: Not hard to place...
Sword Dance: Alex's actions when he uses this look kind of like fire.
Anger Dice: Anger, just like Red Dragon Anger!


Music: In Lunar 1, you have to sing to enter the Blue Dragon Cave and it's by a town where everybody sings all the time.
Love: You also have to sing a love song.
Finding your true self: Jean practically screams this to you.
Beauty: Isn't the Blue Dragon pretty?!
Power from the heart: When Jean learns the Blue Dragon Karate, she is taught that it is just like the Black Dragon Karate, except your power comes from your heart.
Healing: Dragon healing.
Vigor: Blue Dragon vigor.
Jean: OK, so she starts out black. But throughout the entire game, her personality is blue. And it's made quite clear from her Blue Dragon Karate that she is blue.
Lunn: Blue Master Lunn. Like Jean, starts out black, but is transformed.
Mia: At first, due to her shyness, she starts out Black. And she's got black hair. But, like Jean and Lunn, her changes throughout the story make her Blue. Her love for Nash and her acceptance of herself are obviously blue.
Lemia: She has a watery personality, and her love for her daughter shows Blue's characteristics.
Lucia: A tough one to place. Her blue hair, her love for Hiro, and the fact that she protects the Blue Star lends to water. However, her importance to Althena and her variety of spells also say wind.
Dross: A guy who runs into the sewers and has a hydra.
Stadius Zone: The Zone with Meryod, Lyton, and the Blue Dragon Cave in it.
Lyton: The town by the Blue Dragon Cave, where everybody expresses themselves entirely by song.
Meryod: A town built across the river.
Ice Pendant: Hmmm, wonder why this is under blue....
Water Ring: See above
Blue Dragon Helmet: And above again.
Blue Dragon Vigor/Dragon Healing: I'm afraid I'm running out of ways to say "obvious."
Vigor: Alex's spell, with its name just like part of Blue Dragon Vigor.
Mia's and Lemina's ice spells: Again, it's given


Purity: This is the trait you need in order to pass the Black Dragon's trial
Grief: Directly from Dragon Grief
Death: From the effects of Dragon Grief
Deception: Borgan and Neo-Vane, Lunn and kidnapping, Jean and her hiding of her true self, Nash and his lying to Alex & co....
Nash: User of Thunder Magic and king of deception.
Borgan: The Black Wizard of Althena's Chosen
Lemina: Greedy, greedy Lemina wearing black.
Dark Althena: Dark, mysterious, and deceptive.
Xenobia: Xenobia deceived all of Vane with her crummy act as Lemia! She also uses thunder spells
Shadow Dragon Fist: Not hard to place.
Myght: A guy who makes electrical inventions
My friend!: The medicine guy that Tempest tried to kill. His fake medicines deceive people, and even lead them to their death. He's from (or at least seen in) Tamur, a Black town.
Neo Vane: A false Vane created by Borgan. Seems like black, doesn't it?
Pao: A town by the Black Dragon Cave.
Tamur: Also in the region of the Black Dragon Cave.
Chicken Suit: A thunder-using machine that forces Nash against his will. (But the chicken isn't lying about Nash at all, hehe!)
Black Dragon Armor: Gift from the Black Dragon
Mask put on Lemia: Hiding her true identity
Plasma Ring: Defends against Earth and Water, which Thunder goes against.
Black Dragon Grief: Another easy one.
Flash Cut: Flash sounds like lightning
Nash's spells: They're lightning-elemental


Wind has characteristics of all four preceding elements.
Hiro: Wind magic-using hero of Lunar 2
Alex: Hero of Lunar 1, who uses spells of the 4 elements and techs that are symbolic of them. He wants to protect Burg (white), hates Ghaleon (red), loves Luna (blue), and grieves over Dyne (black).
Althena: I actually was considering putting her under blue because she sings and loves her children. But what kind of a Goddess would support only a fourth of her children?
Zophar: Althena-wannabe.
Fake Althena: Another Althena-wannabe. However, she really isn't white or fire, and her water trait (desire for beauty) is shallow, while her black trait of trickery shows clearly. However, she is still a more minor character, and she is an Althena-wannabe.....
Ghaleon: Inferno, Nitro Dagger, Tornado, Rock'N'Roll: Our four basic elements. He is supposedly trying to protect the world from Dyne's mistake (white), really hates Alex (red), isn't very blue (but blue isn't exactly villainous), and tricked many people (black). He is another Althena-wannabe.
Tempest: Hard to place. His name and spells scream wind, but the facts that he's from Pao, tried to kill my dear, dear friend, and ain't no Althena or Dragonmaster say Thunder. Well, he does resemble Alex.... So I put him under wind. Hey, he is honorable (white), hates my dear friend (red, and quite unforgivable), loves Fresca (blue) and is from Pao and tries to kill funny people (black). So wind does fit.
Fresca: Also hard to place. Pao says black and her love for Tempest and how fresca means fresh point to blue. Since she is a minor character, I suppose she could have red and white traits as well that weren't mentioned. (But notice that black often becomes blue....) I decided that since she resembles Luna and since Tempest was under wind, I would put her there too.
Katarina Zone: Home of Meribia and Vane, two cities with everything in them. Also has Althena's Shrine and the Goddess Tower.
Vane: City of 4 elements of magic, floating in the air, in the Katarina Zone, and protecting Althena. Very windy.
Meribia: A city with everything! Beastmen, humans, Black Rose Street, Mel (red), a port (blue), etc.
Wind Ring: I'll cry if you don't understand how this is wind.
Hiro's spells: They're wind.